Alchemize Your Mindset to access

the Gold of Your Visionary Nature

Edge of the Village Community!

Come all ye visionaries, healers, seers, boundary-crossers, way-showers, innovators, edge-seekers and sacred rebels!

  • Activate your visionary nature

  • Honor that you're on the edge of change

  • Stop denying your sensitivity and intuition

  • Release trying to fit into the mainstream

  • Awaken your authentic change agent to contribute to these initiatory times

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Hello Wanderer at the Edge!

On the edges of change, you long to move beyond your comfort zone, yet you struggle with sabotaging mindset patterns of "toxic smallness."

You can transmute them!

Follow the Transformation Journey Roadmap!

Transform yourself with our signature roadmap that guides you through six stages of personal growth, helping you shift limiting patterns, tap into inner wisdom and cultivate your innate resources for lasting change.

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Transformation Journey Roadmap:

your wisdom ways of knowing free challenge

Learn quick and easy practices to expand your mindset and gain access to more of your inner wisdom.

Transform Toxic smallness

Free 7-Day Email Challenge

You'll receive a daily email with an inner transformation practice that you can complete in 30 minutes or less.

Alchemize Your Mindset challenge:

Access the Gold of Your Inner Wisdom

A do-it-yourself mini-course to sample the first four stages of the Transformation Journey Roadmap. Includes Transformational videos and mindset-shifting Wisdom Practices.

I'm Sheila Bélanger • ACC

Transformation Coach

I guide visionary empathetic change agents to transmute their toxic smallness mindsets and access the "gold" of their inner wisdom.

What's Your Inner Wisdom Archetype?

What students are saying about Sheila's facilitation

"While Sheila offers poignant paradigms and practices for the journey, the more potent alchemy comes from her own inner mastery and integration which shines through her teaching and guidance."

- Sarah D. Therapist

supportive inner transformation resources

Bravely move beyond your comfort zone. Get support to turn the lead of your limiting mindsets to the gold of your visionary inner wisdom.

YouTube Channel

Transformation Journey Roadmap Channel. Videos to support you to navigate your current big edges of change with inspiration, insights and potent mindset-shift practices.

Astrology Alchemy Podcast

The weekly podcast gives you inspiring archetypal insights from current astrology cycles that support you to turn your personal “lead” into “gold.”

Inner Astrology courses

Recorded courses designed to align with astrological archetypes to empower your transformational changes.

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What's Your Inner Wisdom Archetype?



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