astrology resources to alchemize your mindset

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No previous astrology knowledge needed as the resources are archetypal and applicable to anyone!

astrology alchemy podcast

The Astrology Alchemy podcast gives you inspiring insights from current astrology cycles that support your path of turning your personal “lead” into “gold.”

chiron: Transform Your Wounds into a Path to Healing

Connect with your Inner Wounded Healer Chiron through myth, astrology and inner wisdom.

saturn life passages workshop

Use Saturn cycles to align with your Inner Elder and reclaim a purposeful life!

pluto in aquarius workshop

Effectively navigate the current 20-year cycle of collective systemic regeneration!

edgewalkers life passages cycles workshop

Use Key Midlife Astrology Cycles of Pluto, Neptune and Chiron

to Reclaim a Life Aligned with Your Power, Dreams and Healing

Uranus life passages cycles workshop

Use Key Astrology Cycles of Uranus

to Reclaim an Authentic Life

Alchemize your mindset on your edges of change!

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